Amazon S3 Integration

Hosting Videos With Amazon S3

Using Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to host your videos enables you to expand your storage capacity for There are some important notes to ensure that your S3 integration works properly:

  • IAM user needs to have full administrative access in order to integrate with
  • Your bucket name will be created automatically and cannot be changed
  • Do not edit your S3 bucket region once it has been created — inside of or S3. 
  • You may create multiple S3 integrations inside of; however, the regions must all be the same. Multiple bucket regions will not work. 
  • 'Block public access' must not be enabled

There are 2 options to use AWS S3 with

  • Uploading a video to S3 from the platform
  • Linking to a video directly from S3

Option 1: Uploading Video to AWS S3

Step 1: Create IAM User

If you haven't done so already, create an IAM user with full administrative access. Begin by selecting 'Programmatic Access' in the first step.


Next, select 'AdministratorAccess' and click 'Next: Tags'.


Optionally, add tags and click 'Next: Review' and then 'Create User'. On the success page, be sure to copy your 'Access key ID' and 'Secret access key'


Step 2: Create AWS S3 Integration

Inside of your dashboard, click 'NEW VIDEO', 'UPLOAD FILE', 'USE MY OWN STORAGE', 'New Hosting Integration', and finally, 'Integrate with customS3'. Select a bucket region and then paste your 'Access key ID' and 'Secret access key'. Click 'CREATE INTEGRATION' and you're all set to upload videos to your AWS S3 bucket.


Step 3: Upload Video to AWS S3

Click 'USE MY OWN STORAGE' one more time and then select your new S3 Integration. Click 'UPLOAD' and choose your video file.


Note that deleting an AWS S3 video inside of does not delete it from your S3 bucket.

Option 2: Linking to AWS S3 Video

To upload an S3 video via link, simply copy and paste the URL into and click 'VALIDATE'.